Hi! And welcome to our playground

This is just another design studio, that put shit together for our clients and friends.
This website isn't our portfolio! 
But a playground for us to submit
some of our
 crafts and work we do.

OPEN HOURS: 10:00 - 14:00
+45 42 43 70 35 - INFO@APARTMENTNUMBER9.DK

The Who, What and Why!
When we recently asked friends 'How would you guys describe what we do for a living
,' There looked at us and laughed – and then
followed up with,

"What don't you do, ?" And we have to admit, Good Point.

These days, we find that decorating and design are as much about individual lifestyle as they are about making over a room, a home, a hotel suite or even an entire business space. We love getting to know the people we work for intimately – because in the end, what we create will be an extension of not just them, but also their lifestyles. And this goes far beyond finding the perfect fabric swatch or hard-to-locate piece of furniture. (Although we still do that and we love when we get to.)