Imi Annotated Model Grant Agreement

IMI evaluation document for the submission, evaluation and granting of IMI grants, with comments on modeling grantsOther relevant documents Consortium Agreement of models describing different types of access rights. Most of the provisions of the GA cannot be changed. However, specific details can be agreed individually with the European Commission/Financing Agency during the preparatory phase. B of financial assistance, such as the start-up of the project and the amount of pre-financing. All project partners must sign a consortium agreement defining the rights and obligations of participants and addressing issues such as governance, liability and intellectual property rights. The agreement should be tailored to the needs of each project. A model developed by EFPIA shows what a consortium agreement might look like. Consortia can also use alternative models if they wish. Do you need more information on how to prepare and sign grants? Watch this Horizon 2020 webiner for successful proposal coordinators. As a general rule, the amendments apply only to new grant agreements. However, in some cases (for example.

B if this has a benefit to recipient recipients), changes may be made retroactively to projects whose grant agreements are based on older versions of the standard grant agreement. This document explains in more detail and summarizes what is new in versions 3 and 4 compared to previous versions and which changes are retroactive. The MGA also contains “standard rules” that can be amended by the consortium in the consortium agreement (CA). In particular, project partners can amend the intellectual property provisions. Identifiable indirect taxes (including non-deductible VAT) paid by the beneficiary that are not reimbursed under national law are eligible. Ineligible costs include provisions for future losses or debts, foreign exchange losses, return on investment costs, costs incurred by other EU projects or programmes, debt and debt service costs, and excessive or reckless spending.