Signing Of The Unity Of Religion Agreement

The summary of the conference states: “There was a very strong consensus [among participants] that religious institutions must take primary responsibility for the population explosion. We need to talk much more clearly about sexuality, contraception, abortion… Because the ecological crisis… is the demographic crisis. Reduce the population by 90%, and there are not enough people to do great ecological harm.┬áMore than 2,000 people have signed the peace agreement, which goes beyond nationality, race and religion. Religions must unite and an international law to end wars must be organized by Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL) on 17 and 18 September in Seoul, Republic of Korea. The UR reflects the objectives of the WCRP, such as a world parliament of religions that values the “common good of all human beings”, which is exactly what the EC will be, because in addition to the deliverance of spirituality, it will also be a body of debate and resolution, a Parliament “for the global good”. In addition, the WCRP plans to establish an International Centre for Religion and Conflict Resolution (funded by the Rockefeller Foundation), while the EC provides for the formation of teams of peacemakers made up of spiritual leaders, retired politicians and conflict resolution specialists for crisis hotbeds around the world (look at the many retired politicians at the first State of the World Forum). The lure of synchro movement is peace. A world tired of war will zealously follow all those who promise peace.

It does not appear that the United Nations will bring peace until the 2000 AD deadline. This is how the torch was passed on to religions. With communism (which the Gospa of Fatima accused of provoking wars), it is easy to provoke so-called religious wars, to make religions generally responsible for past and present conflicts, and then to tell them that they have a responsibility to work for religious unity and peace. In any case, it`s propaganda. The hidden agenda, but highlighted by the statements of the syncretists themselves, is to unite people under one religion so that they peacefully accept the government of One World. They did not say that they hoped that Catholicism, the true objective of all these activities, would finally be peacefully destroyed by indifference. The WARP summit was the largest event attended by politicians, opponents of religion and representatives of various organizations from around the world. The summit, which is the result of Mr. Lee`s world peace tours, is to serve as the basis for the end of all wars and the attainment of world peace. According to the San Francisco Chronicle 1, “prayers, songs and incantations were offered to a dozen people.” But the tone… Indeed, the United Organization of Religions was marked by a pantheistic ceremony in which children from all over the world put water from more than thirty so-called “sacred waters” in “a great bowl of unity” to accompany an international children`s choir that sang a sad filth of the blasphemous Missa Gaia (the concert of exhaustion of the Earth , initially commissioned by the Bishop of Saint John).

Mixed, there was water from springs like this. Ganges, Amazon, Red Sea, Jordan and Lourdes. Bishop Swing said: “If these sacred waters gather here, let the city that chartered the nations of the world bring together the religions of the world.” What Swing seems to be saying is that pantheism, the heresy that everything in the universe is linked to God in a united force, is not yet a universally accepted idea. Pantheism is bound by notions such as, interdependent, global village, global tribe, world community, world civilization, family of nations, etc.