Xilinx Software License Agreement

#Example Floating License ` SERVER my_server1 80f0e696 2100 ` USE_SERVER ` VENDOR xilinxd ` Diese Lizenz ist geltig for permanent ( 0 Tagus ) von Thu Mar 05 16:53:45 GMT-00:00 2012 INCREMENT Logic_Edition xilinxd 2013.03 permanent 10 9AF27E183C6 joe@gmail.com VENDOR_STRING D Logic_Edition_software_permanent_1000 ` ISSUER-“Xilinx Inc” START-05-Mar-2012 TS_OK ` ————————————————————— ` PACKAGE Vivado_System_Edition xilinxd 2013.03 BCA973EE74F2 ` COMPONENTS”SDK SysGen PartialReconfiguration Simulation – Lasst die Aktualisierung mit der neuesten Lizenz ohne Simulation, System usw. Sofern in Abschnitt 3 (Lizenzerteilungen) nicht ausdr-cklich etwas anderes gestattet ist, beh-lt der Lizenznehmer (a) die Vertraulichkeit der lizenzierten Materialien als gesch-tzte Gesch-ftsgeheimnisse von Xilinx; and (b) not to provide licensed material in any form other than its staff working on the authorized website, which has genuine “knowledge” for the purposes authorized by this Agreement and which is bound by confidentiality obligations that protect Xilinx (and, if applicable, its licensees) no less than those included. The licensee represents Xilinx, which has a privacy system that complies with generally accepted practices to protect its own confidential business information, including written agreements with employees, and that the materials granted are protected by such a system to the same extent, but in no way with due diligence. The licensee admits that a breach of this agreement may result in irreparable and persistent harm to Xilinx, which may not be adequately resolved, and Xilinx is entitled to demand rights to omission and/or a decree for a defined benefit and another exemption (including criminal damages) that may be reasonable. Xilinx has grouped the tools based on the licenses and operating systems we provide. The Vivado Full Image Download is an all-in-one download, it contains the installation program for all editions with SDK and Lab Tools. If you only install on a specific operating system, download the OS-specific download. Download the operating system that matches your computer`s to use the Install Thin Web client and download only the files you really need. The Copy License button allows you to search for a license file stored at any location on a local or network reader and copy the license file into the directory %APPDATA%-Xilinx (Windows) or the $HOME/xilinx (Linux) directory. There are two ways to get a license for a free or acquired product authorization: No, the license allows you to use that version of the software for as long as you like.

An acquired software license never expires. Xilinx Product Licensing Site contains important security precautions to ensure compliance with U.S. export rules and Xilinx`s specific guidelines for international distribution of software and sources. This error message is directly related to our export controls. This message can be displayed for the following reasons: The license can also be downloaded at any time directly to the product license website. Switch to the Manage Licenses tab, select the generated license and select the download arrow in the bottom left corner. A LogiCORE IP Core license can be either floating or node-locked.